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Destination Events

Starting from our trendy destinations in Greece, and Dubai to Ghana, Jamaica, Morrocco and South Africa or a breathtaking castle in Europe even the state of’’ art ‘’ architectural building in Bath (United Kingdom) or a beautiful 30 bedroom Country house sitting on a huge acre of land in Hertfordshire.  

Hang on!!!!!!! how about a Five-star hotel in central London, perhaps a stunning beach wedding in a resort in Lagos (Nigeria) or Barbados (Caribbean) may tickle your fancy or a home away from the home striking garden wedding. The options are endless. (Don’t get me started!!!!!!)  

Have a drink with our planners and stylist as we take you through the ‘’Journey of choice’’. Our international planners will ensure all your expectations are met by viewing the venue of your choice, managing and selecting your vendors to suit your purpose; tailoring a style to suit your dream, we will get travel deals and accommodation with the assistance of our travel partners for you and your guest.

At EP we are dedicated to giving you the best of both worlds through event planning and the aid of our Local and International planners.

All you have to do is DREAM and lean on us for the PERFEKT finish

Our Popular Destinations

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