Event planners perform a thorough due diligence while looking for the idea space for their upcoming event and usually come up with industry expert choices.

Professional event planners frequently highlight Villa Dome's event space, facilities, and staffs as a top notch one-stop event location in Ikoyi, Victoria Island.

The sophisticated and award-winning Villa Dome, with its excellent space and location in a beautiful city, is what planners claim to be the ideal location to hold any sort of events. It is understandable why professional organizations around the state choose it as the location for hundreds of meetings and events each year.

The Villa Dome offers a huge event venue accommodating groups of up to 500 attendees. It is the chosen venue for:

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Expos

  • Destination event

  • Receptions

  • Chef Events

  • Formal galas

  • Dances

  • Parties

  • Wedding receptions

  • Live concerts and so much more.

The Villa Dome also offers nuts and bolts features that professional event planners look for and appreciate i.e,

  • No food and beverage minimums

  • Cooling system

  • Restrooms

  • Event furniture

  • AV system

  • External catering space

  • Private changing room

  • Front-door ample car park.

The Villa dome team work with planners every step of the way and see their role as a “thought partner” during the planning process.

Are you in Lagos or planning a destination event in Lagos Nigeria? Villa Dome is the perfect space for your next event.

CONTACT Mr. Faye (+234 814 688 2613) FOR MORE INFORMATION

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